Hot water heat pump ED180 WL - Price 2995,00 Euro

Hot water heat pump ED180 WL with integrated ventilation unit for living room ventilation
The new, highly efficient hot water heat pumps have an integrated ventilation unit that uses the waste heat from the used living room air to heat the water with the HP. The user has the option of defining three fan levels (minimum ventilation, normal ventilation and intensive ventilation, 0 – 400 m³/h). The air flow rate for drinking water heating is 150 m³/h.

The new environmentally friendly generation of the ED180 WL hot water heat pump is operated with the highly efficient refrigerant R290 (propane). The technology is based on components that have already proven themselves a million times over in high-end cooling units. The result is high thermal performance with the lowest power consumption (392 watts).

In addition, the refrigerant propane is environmentally neutral with a global warming potential of only 3 (GWP = 3). The highly efficient CFC-free insulation and the standard stainless steel storage ensure a standstill loss of only 6 watts!

With a net storage volume of 94 L or 166 L, the ED180 WL hot water heat pumps are ideal for the decentralized heating of drinking water in apartments, flats and detached houses and can be placed in kitchen units due to their compactness – not visible from the outside.


Main Features

  • Three continuously adjustable ventilation levels: minimum ventilation, normal ventilation and intensive ventilation Integrated ventilation unit with energy-efficient EC fan
  • Extremely quiet operation (perception-optimized) for living room installation
  • The compact design allows installation in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Automatic KI hot gas defrost
  • Energy efficiency of the heat pump compressor (power consumption only 392 W!)
  • The highly efficient generation 4.0 CFC-free insulation reduces the storage system’s idle loss to 6 watts!
  • 5-year warranty on the standard stainless steel tank (stainless steel 444)
  • The high-quality 444 stainless steel does not require an anode to protect the tank (no routine inspection or anode replacement required / no power consumption for impressed current / hybrid anodes)
  • Building on an already high level, R290 as a refrigerant further increases the energy efficiency of the heat pump compressor

* Best value: Buchs Heat Pump Test Center (WPZ) Status: 01.12.2018

Product advantages

  • Intelligent photovoltaic solar system boost function
  • Legionella function
  • Very quiet in operation (48 dB)
  • Energy efficiency class A+
  • Timer function
  • Holiday function
  • Air throughput up to 400 cubic meters per hour
  • Plug and play installation ready for use
  • CFC-free storage tank insulation
  • COP in accordance with EN16147:2017 (A20/W10-55): 3.2
Product features ED 180 WL
  • Storage: 166 liter
  • Power consumption: 0.392 kW (without electric auxiliary heater)
  • Dimensions: 575 x 540 x 1576 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 70 kg