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H-type vertical wind generators for the urban environment

Plus Energy Group offers HV-PEG vertical axis wind turbines as a solution for decentralized, self-sufficient power generation, as well as representing sustainable responsibility for the planet's ecosystem.

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    Adapted to the urban environment

    Due to its small size, wind turbines can be installed in adjacent buildings and urban areas on lighter terms. Thanks to its vertical axis, it works well in the gusting wind conditions that are common in urban environments.

    Effective rotating advertising

    Choose any color for turbine blades, it creates compelling visual effects with custom colors. The ideal solution for companies to use wind energy as a visual advertisement, also by placing a company logo.

    Quiet operation

    Thanks to the aerodynamic design and rotation around its axis, the generators are quiet. Wind turbines installed both on the ground and on the roofs of buildings take up little space, so it is possible to successfully use even small areas.

    Grid/ Hybrid system

    A solution commonly used when the building is connected to the mains. It is one of the simplest systems, consisting of a wind turbine, a mains output voltage input of 1X230V AC or 3X230V A, a two-way meter to measure the output and consumption, safety measures in the form of switches and a connection to the mains. Wind systems can also be developed by combining wind turbines with solar panels to form hybrid systems. In addition, it is possible to install batteries that store excess energy and can supplement the system with a diesel generator.
    Vēja sistēmas - Tīkla-Hibrīdā sistēma
    Vēja sistēmas - Autonomā-Hibrīdā sistēma

    Autonomous / Hybrid system

    The ideal solution for buildings that are not connected to the mains, such as a holiday home or event, and the occupants of the house want to be independent of energy suppliers. The system is identical to the mains system, but the battery must be in order to store the excess energy produced. The system does not need to be connected to the mains, so a two-way meter is not required. The system can be expanded with solar panels, as well as an additional diesel generator. The batteries are connected to a non-grid-connected system, so it is not possible to resell the energy produced to the grid, but only to use it for own consumption.

    Grid / Autonomous / Hybrid system

    A solution that combines the advantages of network and stand-alone systems. The on / off mains system eliminates the problem of power failure, usually due to weather anomalies or mains repairs. The system first stores the excess energy in the batteries and uses the stored energy when the wind turbine in combination with the solar panels does not produce enough energy. The special capacity battery takes the missing energy from the mains through the intake control system as soon as the battery is fully discharged. The system can also provide power to the grid when the batteries are fully charged and the energy produced by the wind turbine and solar panels is sufficient to provide the required power consumption.
    Vēja sistēmas - Tīkla-Autonomā-Hibrīdā sistēma

    Wind systems

    Wind generator HV-PEG 2800

    Efficiency: Cp = 0,425 (type H rotor design) Rated power: 2800W Turbine rotor diameter: 2,2 m Turbine height: 3m

    Wind generator HV-PEG 9800

    Efficiency: Cp = 0,425 (type H rotor design) Rated power: 9800W Turbine rotor diameter: 4,3 m Turbine height: 5.6 m

    Vertical wind generators

    A wind turbine converts 71% of wind energy into electricity. The disk generator, which converts the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity, is designed to be friction-free, which means that it requires no maintenance. The turbine blades are characterized by resistance to thermal expansion due to the use of a seamless monolithic extruded aluminum profile. In addition, the turbines are coated with white light reflecting sunlight, resistance class c5-M. The steel elements are galvanized and the aluminum elements are anodized to provide effective corrosion protection.

    • Excellent electricity production even in the winter
    • Wind turbines continue to generate electricity at night
    • Simultaneously with solar panels, it ensures the production of environmentally friendly electricity all year round, both day and night
    • Equalizes electricity production during the year

    Five steps to your wind farm

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      Object inspection

      Our specialists visit the sites to assess the situation in person and provide the most optimal solutions.

    • 3

      Development of an offer

      Based on the site inspection data, we prepare an individual offer with site visualization.

    • 4

      Wind station design

      Development of a high-quality wind generator system. Preparation of an appropriate technical solution to be included in an existing building or project.

    • 5

      Wind station installation

      Installation of full cycle vertical generators. Professional energy project management from the beginning of the project to its commissioning.

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