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    About Q-CELLS

    As one of the world's largest solar energy companies, Hanwha Q-Cells offers a full range of solar energy products (Premium class) with over 20 years of experience. Q-Cells designs and supplies everything from solar panels, solar systems to high performance solar power plants and auxiliary power solutions from a single source. As a home owner, you can get all the necessary components for independent electricity production from us: solar modules, substructures, electricity batteries and electricity tariffs (in Germany and France).
    Q-Cells sets the standards in the solar energy industry by being the technology and quality leader that meets even the highest customer expectations. Q-Cells provides the best cell technology and the highest electricity yield, constantly seeking new innovations. More than 200 scientists and engineers work at the Qcells research center, rapidly advancing technology. Q-Cells' goal: to make photovoltaic cells cheaper and thus more competitive in the market. Combining research, development and manufacturing in Talheim Sun Valley allows Q-cells to bring innovations to mass production as quickly as possible. This ensures that Q-Cells technologies will maintain their leading position in the photovoltaic industry.

    Due to Q-Cells' ownership by the Hanwha Group, Q-Cells is Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation Tir 1. for bankability and financial stability.

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    Installation on the roof of residential buildings.
    Efficiency up to 21.5%
    Power up to 500w
    12-year product warranty
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    Of the 500 billion kWh of electrical energy consumed annually around two-thirds is used in industrial plants for the production of goods and services. With ever increasing electricity prices this is a significant cost factor. The sun is a source of energy that is freely available for anyone. Ask for a consultation: We will be pleased to show you the advantages of solar energy and how we use solar energy to gain energy independence and make your business more profitable. Start your solar investment today.


    With Hanwha Qcells as your trading partner you have one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of solar panels at your side. Hanwha Qcells combines the claim of technology leading quality of Qcells with the financial strength of the worldwide established Hanwha Group.


    • Reduce electricity costs … every kilowatt hour you produce no longer has to be purchased at a high tariff from your energy supplier, giving you energy independence and reducing your operating costs permanently.
    • Viability … while electricity prices continue to rise, your solar system is always working at the same cost. This advantage means that your savings in operating costs and the pay-back on your solar system increase year after year.
    • Increase the value of business premises … as the energy balance has a significant impact on the value of a property. A solar investment is a key argument in the valuation of your property.
    • Greater return … because the solar solution of Qcells is a long term, secure and profitable investment for your business. A great solar return is guaranteed.
    • Independence … because energy from the sun is unlimited and free to everyone. With high power outputs you avoid rising energy costs and gain energy independence.
    • Sustainable environmental protection … because with your own solar system you produce renewable clean power: with your solar investment your company makes a socially responsible contribution to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability.

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