Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump ED 300 Series - Price 3395,00 Euro

The ECO DESIGN ED 300 Series enables you to produce hot water for your home in the most economical, ecological and smart way through renewable energy. Save up to 75% on your yearly energy consumption – compared to a traditional boiler – without any loss in comfort.

How does it work? The domestic hot water heat pump uses the energy content abundantly available in “air” and transforms it to a higher temperature level. Depending on the air temperature, 1kWh of electrical input will give you up to 4 kWh of thermal energy.

Smart and Flexible Design: Reduce your costs even further by connecting your PV Installation through our Smart Grid interface and/or by linking your thermal solar installation with up to 2 optionally available heat exchangers. Maximal Savings and Maximal Comfort!


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Main Features

The ED 300 is designed for functionality and for a long lifespan:

  • Ultra-Robust HD-Steel Storage Tank and Premium Internal Glass Coating
  • 4th Gen High-Performance CFC-Free Insulation
  • Standby Heat loss only 20W!
  • The 270-litre tank covers the needs for your whole family 24/7
  • Permanent Protection against Corrosion: thanks to a generously dimensioned anode (Magnesium with automatic wear indicator)
  • Certified HP Efficiency – COP 3,62
  • Nominal Pressure: 10 bar (tested at 13 bar)
  • Very Silent Operation (Perception Optimized)
  • 3 Installation Modes: Ambient Air, External Air, Extracted Air
  • The extended operating range (incoming air temperature) from -10°C to +35°C guarantees full year functioning for all operating modes.
  • Automatic Hot Gas De-Icing Function – increases efficiency
  • CAF: continuous air flow, a function, which operates the fan independently of the heat pump for controlled ventilation
  • Plug n’ Play, Fast and Easy Installation (extremely installer friendly)

ED 300 is designed to facilitate your installers work

Advantages of ED:

  • Intelligent photovoltaic boost feature
  • Additional heat exchanger for connecting further energy generators
  • Legionella feature
  • Very quiet operation (37 dB)
  • Energy efficiency class A+
  • Horizontal transport possible
  • Downtime loss 20W
  • Holiday feature
  • Timer feature
Smart Control
  • Smart Grid Interface: Make most of your photovoltaic power and/or multi-tariff counters. The only control with 3 distinct energy levels and adjustable savings potential
  • Sophisticated Electronic Control Unit.
  • Ease of use; large 2-line display, plain text, intuitive one button operation.
Product features:
  • Storage quantity: 258 litres
  • Current requirement: 0.395 kW
  • Dimensions: 1768 x 707 mm (height x diameter)
  • Weight: 153 kg

Technical Specifications