SIA Plus Energy Group is an experienced solar project partner with 12 years of activity in the Latvian market.

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    Hanwha Q-cells is a financially strong company and is one of the top 10 companies in South Korea. With this solid foundation and technological innovation, we offer you stability, certified quality and customized solutions from single solar panel to system solutions.

    Qcells’ technological pioneering role in the development of solar cells and panels is known throughout the industry. With its “Quality Controlled PV” quality program, Qcells is the first and so far the only solar panel manufacturer to participate in the industry’s most rigorous testing program to date.

    With Qcells, you are supplied with solar panels that have excellent low light performance, temperature characteristics and high performance grades.

    Qcells, that is, German engineering, in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany.
    Qcells provide  protection against Potential Induced Degradation (PID), Hot Spots (HOT-SPOT Protect) and Counterfeit (Tra .Q) With Q-Cells you get safe solar technology for maximum performance.

    Products for each of our customers

    Be it a customised solar solution or a comfortable solar system, with the Qcells offers you will always make a great choice. Qcells bundles different sizes and versions of high-quality components for you to perfectly fulfil the demand of your customers.

    At a time when electricity prices are rising, more and more companies are relying on solar energy solutions. With Hanwha Qcells products and solutions, you can install a customized, efficient solar installation. Objective: Optimum capacity for maximum return on investment and efficient reduction of electricity costs


    Ground-mounted solar power plants are one of the most reliable and sustainable investments in the energy industry. More and more investors are realizing the potential and relying on solar energy. With Qcells certified products, you can realize the construction of a solar power plant of any capacity from design to commissioning.

    One-stop shopping

    One-stop shopping is the key to your project's success. SIA Plus Energy Group and Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH is your partner for the efficient delivery of turnkey solar power plants. Our integrated project management and system expertise save you time and money while offering planning you can rely on.

    Plus Energy group offers you complete development and projection solutions from one source: from project design and hook-up, through to the maintenance and care of your up-and-running solar power facility.

    Upon request, we will take on all the key stages of project management as your general EPC contractor. And we don’t stop there: we’re the experienced partner that will assist you with all aspects along the photovoltaics value-added chain, including project planning and component selection.

    The planning and construction of large-scale solar power plants are highly complex processes which have been largely standardized and opitimized by our specialists. We plan all technical and commercial project details together with our customers and define the logistical and time-related processes – individually and personally. Such services include location studies, power plant design, construction planning, obtaining official licenses, clarification of grid feed-in options, and compilation of an energy yield assessment.

    Global partnerships with leading component manufacturers and distributors, optimized system planning, an absolute focus on quality and a fast return on investment for you are just a part of everyday business.

    For you, as the customer, this means planning security and quick realization as well as a perfect balance between price, performance, and top quality.

    Reduced energy costs

    The cost of energy obtained from solar panels is lower than the market price of electricity and it allows you to reduce your electricity bill by up to 50% and more. With the energy storage system option, choose when and if you want to charge your battery from the grid using cheaper electricity tariffs

    A valuable investment for the future

    Investment in panels is stable and reliable. At the same time, such a solution also significantly increases the value of the property and is a smart investment for the future. The payback time of the investment is 5-6 years, considering that the lifetime of solar panels is 25-30 years, it is worth doing.

    Solar energy is an environmentally friendly solution

    Installing solar panels is an environmentally friendly choice that reduces the amount of CO2 emissions and allows you to become a 100% green energy producer. Take the opportunity to become a socially responsible and environmentally friendly company, while gaining independence from the electricity supplier

    Solar energy solutions

    Plus Energy Group offers solar power plant design, equipment delivery and installation for companies and households.
    • Solar power plant sets for households
    • Solar power plant sets for companies
    • Solar energy storage system kits with double volume storage battery, for grid or off-grid use
    • Hybrid systems

    Combine solar and wind system

    Plus Energy Group offers vertical wind generators that will suit any project.
    • The wind system produces excellent electricity even in winter
    • Wind turbines continue to generate electricity at night
    • Simultaneously with solar panels, it provides environment-friendly electricity generation throughout the year, both day and night.
    • Equalizes electricity production over the period of the year
    Wind systems

    Five steps to your solar power plant

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      Object survey

      Outings of our specialists to the objects to assess the situation in person and provide the most optimal solutions.

    • 3

      Development of the offer

      Based on the inspection data of the object, we prepare an individual offer with visualization of the object.

    • 4

      Wind and solar plant design

      Qualitative wind generator and solar system project development. Preparation of an appropriate technical solution to be included in an existing structure or project.

    • 5

      Wind and solar plant installation

      Installation of full cycle vertical generators and solar panels. Professional energy project management from the beginning of the project to its commissioning.

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