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H-type vertical wind generators HV-PEG. Adapted for urban environments.

Low starting wind speed, low vibration, low noise level, optimized aerodynamic contour, and structure.
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Solar power stations for households and businesses.

We offer solar systems using globally recognized Q-Cells solar panels and Solax inverter equipment.
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04.08.2022. SIA Plus Energy Group has received the official Q.PARTNER certificate

SIA Plus Energy Group is a recognized partner for Q CELLS quality product consulting, sales, installation and after-sales service. He has the right to use the mark Q.PARTNER and thus promote it.

Sundirect heating system. Infrared panel heaters.

Various types of heaters, including standard panel heaters with glass/stone/metal/tile/mirror surfaces, towel warmers, and outdoor heaters.
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The best solution for utilizing wind energy in urban environments.

High resistance to wind gusts.

With 360° wind sensing and a high-strength structure, the turbines operate effectively in gusty wind conditions and when the wind direction frequently changes.

Low environmental impact.

Turbines pose lower risks to birds.

Easy maintenance.

The turbine’s magnetic generator is located at its bottom, making it easily accessible, and maintenance can be performed without additional equipment.

Overload function

The turbines are equipped with an automatic shutdown function in case of overload, ensuring longer operational life.

Location economy

Both ground-mounted and rooftop wind turbines take up little space, allowing for successful utilization even in small areas

360° wind sensing

The turbines do not require wind tracking systems or regulation based on the prevailing wind direction for their operation.

Wind project at Neste Latvia filling station, Riga.
Adapted for urban environments

Due to their compact size, vertical wind generators can be installed near buildings and in urban areas with more lenient regulations. Thanks to the vertical axis, they perform well in gusty wind conditions, which are often encountered in city environments.

Effective rotating advertisement

We offer the option to choose any color for the turbine blades of vertical wind generators, creating compelling visual effects with customized colors. An ideal solution for businesses to utilize wind energy as effective visual advertising.

Quiet operation

Thanks to their aerodynamic design and rotation around their axis, vertical wind generators operate quietly. Wind turbines, whether ground-mounted or on building rooftops, take up little space, making them suitable for utilization even in small areas.

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